Thursday, February 2, 2012

My first post - a way to protect my journaling from theft

Someone broke my car window and stole my journal and a cheap totebag. There were tons of valuable things in my car that were left alone (thankfully!), but they stole this cheap totebag that I got for free. All that was in it was two books on CD from the library, one of which wasn't even all there (and which I'll eventually have to pay for), and a journal/sketchbook/list keeper - something that is totally worthless to anyone but ME. When I finally realized that it was gone, it made me MAD, especially since I figure it ended up in a garbage can down the street. Grrr... guard against losing all those thoughts again, I've decided to duplicate the journaling on least occasionally. I know that it's not fool-proof, but it's one more line of defense. AND I'll also make sure there is NOTHING in sight in my car that might even remotely look interesting to a thief!

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