Friday, January 25, 2013

LOAD213 Blog Hop

     Welcome to the Layout-a-Day blog hop! If you hopped over from Betsye Erazo's blog, thank you for coming. This is my very first blog hop as a participant, and I'm so excited. It's even better that its purpose is to promote LOAD213, because I love LOAD!
     My first LOAD was February of last year, and it transformed my scrapbooking! I got so much done during that month, and the daily prompts brought out stories that I probably never would have thought to tell otherwise. Taking the time to stop and ponder the prompts brought back some memories that I hadn't thought of in years. LOAD212 got me thinking about those things, and I scrapbooked many of them that month.
     It was such a great experience that I also participated in LOAD512 and LOAD1012, despite the fact that I was away from home for half of each of those months. In October my second oldest son got married in Idaho, and then my husband and I vacationed for another week. Despite the fact that I was traveling for those two weeks, I managed to keep up, and I finished a layout each day---my first time to complete a LOAD! I'd made up a mini kit  and book that I could take with me on the plane, and I was able to complete quick, simple layouts of the events as they happened each day. Thanks to LOAD1012, at the end of the trip I had already documented the excitement!
     The whole focus of my scrapbooking was transformed last year. It was prompted by a combination of participating in the February, May, and October LOADs; going through old photos with my parents; and my youngest son's graduation from high school, leaving me facing an "empty nest." Although I've never really worried about "keeping up," I did scrap more or less chronologically. Now, however, I have discovered the freedom of scrapping whatever event and whatever time period inspires me---it might be something that happened yesterday, or something that happened when my kids were little, or even something that happened when I was little. Or maybe it's just something about someone, or perhaps even (gasp!) about ME! Yes, I even occasionally include a picture of myself on a page here and there!
     Now I'm looking forward to LOAD213. I'm excited to see what new prompts and challenges Lain has come up with this time around. I love a good challenge and have found that they inspire new ideas for layouts. I can't wait to get started!

     As of this writing there are still a few spots left, so we'd love to have you join us! Click here to sign up for LOAD213. Your next blog hop stop is Regina Huminski's blog. Or if you're just getting started, click on any of the sites listed below. Have a great day, and I hope to see you at LOAD213!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

LOVE learning!

     I'm getting ready to start another round of Guided-Study Critique Workshop at ( This will be my third four-week session; the first two sessions were awesome - I learned SO much about good design and got great, practical feedback on my layouts. I've been able to hone in on what my style is, and although it sometimes varies quite a bit, I've realized that there are still some constants. My process is not necessarily a lot faster (although I can do some pretty quick pages if I 'have' to), but it is definitely more efficient; when there's something that's bugging me about a page, I have tools that make it much easier and faster to identify the problem. And during the class it's so helpful to have the instructors (in my case, Emily Pitts, Paula Gilarde, and Debbie Hodge) and other students look at my layouts with trained and impartial, but also very kind, eyes to give suggestions for improvements or even just big "pats on the back." I love learning about the design process, and this has been a great hands-on way to do it!
     At first glance, this looks like a fairly expensive class; but when you consider what you get - a good, solid design course, with personal instruction from three expert instructors, in a SMALL group setting (max of 12 students) - it is WELL worth it! Plus the feedback from the other students and also being able to see their progress is invaluable! Can you tell I'm in love with this class???
This class does take some time (although it depends some on how fast you can create a layout!), but it's definitely worth it. There are live critiques sessions once a week which are SO helpful, but for those students who can't attend live, the sessions (along with the chat logs) are also recorded; this is also nice because I can go back and listen to them over again and see what I missed the first time or just don't remember!
     I can hardly wait for this to start! The first assignment comes out this Friday and the first critique session is next week. I'm getting geared up and ready to go! Things will get really busy towards the end, since I'm also participating in LOAD213 through (for more info on that, see; but I figure they'll complement each other and I can work on both at once. There are still spots available in both the Guided-Study Critique Workshop and LOAD213 - you won't be disappointed! It's an exciting month ahead!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Faves continued

Here are the six I chose from the last half of the year...

I made a scrapbook for Zack since he was graduating from high school. I loved scrapbooking these older photos!

I rarely use photos of me on my scrapbook pages, but this year I was challenged to do a couple of layouts about myself. This page was started in a class by Maggie Holmes at Archiver's ScrapFest in Minneapolis, and the basic design was based on her design. The subject idea was sparked by a Paperclipping Roundtable episode (although I don't remember who the guest was.) At first I didn't think I could come up with 52 things, but once I got started it was hard to stop!

I really miss my "boys" (guess they're actually men!), but I'm so glad that at least THEY are together!

Another older photo - and one that makes me laugh every time I see it! A great example of how incredibly creative and imaginative my boys could be :D

My newest "baby"...actually now a few years old. The journaling says it all, and this layout just makes me happy - LOVE the red!

We've had big changes in our family this year, and the marriage of my second son (Evan) to his college sweetheart was probably the biggest! But my boys proved that even the rehearsal can be fun when they're together. They're just a bit crazy!

So those are my favorites from last year. Can't wait to see what I can come up with in 2013!

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Faves

2013...a new year, a new start on reviving this blog and maybe making something of it! I decided to start by looking back at 2012. I did a lot of scrapbooking layouts last year, so I decided to start with my twelve favorites from 2012. It was actually very difficult to choose only twelve! I tend to really like my layouts - some because I like the design or the look of them, and some just because I love the subject or the story. I do want to display what I consider my best work, but some of these I chose because they were milestones in my life and/or in our family or because they look back over time or because they show us all together. Many were inspired by prompts from Feb., May, and Oct. Layout-a-Day ( prompts, and some were done for Guided Design classes that I took through Get It Scrapped ( Both were excellent and I'd highly recommend them. Here are the first six - from the first half of 2012 (I'll post the other six tomorrow):