Friday, February 17, 2012

School Days

I ran across this article that I had tucked away last summer that profiles the elementary school that I attended, as it would be permanently closing at the end of the school year. Although I wasn't familiar with many of the people interviewed for the article, it brought back a lot of memories of my school days there. (And Mr. Anonich, who is in the photo, was my principal, at least for my latter years there.)

I can still picture walking up the big, wide staircase at the front entrance to Lincoln School. I can picture the hallways, the classrooms, the gym, the playground, even the bathrooms. I remember the janitor's closet that had the milk cooler where the "milk helpers" would go to get the half-pint cartons of milk for the class at milk break (I loved that job and can still remember the smell!). I think it was 1¢ for white milk and 1-½¢ for chocolate milk - we paid by the month. And I remember as a 4th and 5th grader going down in the basement to the janitor's room to use the fun eraser cleaning machine. It was a little creepy getting there, but a great place to be as we had the nicest janitor; I don't remember his name (Bill, maybe?), but I can still picture his friendly face. And I remember the little tiny drinking fountain that even I had to lean over to use!

I had awesome, kind teachers there, although I must admit that I, like most others kids there, was afraid of the principal, Mr. Anonich, until I had him as a teacher for 5th grade. I think he liked having that scary image since it kept kids in line! but he really was not mean. He was just tough, and we wanted to earn his approval. I loved my teachers (well, almost all of them - Miss Johnson was scary and pronounced my name wrong part of the time!), and I got a good solid education. I have wonderful memories of Lincoln School and wish I could walk the halls one last time.

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