Monday, March 4, 2013

The end of one month, the start of another

Wow! I can hardly believe that LOAD213 is over - the month went so fast! I managed to finish all 28 layouts, and even an extra one or two for the Guided Design Workshop (through Get It Scrapped). I will admit that some of the prompts were rather challenging this time around, and the middle of the month was difficult; but I managed to "just keep swimming" and made it to the end. Here's the result of my labors:

I managed to learn a bit about myself in the LOAD process. I also tried a few new techniques, resurrected a few that I haven't used in awhile, and played a bit with supplies and tools. I managed to use up a bit of my stash and a lot from the Studio Calico kits that I've gotten over the past year. I did, of course, buy a few new supplies during the month, but most of what I used was stuff that I already had on hand.
I'm really pleased with the layouts I completed. There were some days that I was travelling and/or tired and felt very uninspired; but I forced myself to make something, and in the end I love even those that I spent very little time on. And on all but one, I love the stories they tell (that one just doesn't really have much story :P)
Over the course of the next month, I plan to share some of the techniques that I used during the month. I came up with some somewhat unique backgrounds and page elements, and I'd like to share how I did them. Stay tuned for more to come...