Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why I Scrapbook

I love to scrapbook, but not everyone can understand why. Maybe this photo will help me explain. 

Twenty years from now (or maybe even now!), someone might run across a picture such as this one and wonder WHAT in the world they were doing! But not everyone may remember the story behind a picture, even if they were there!

This photo is a good example. It’s definitely one of those photos where you know there’s got to be a story behind it!

In this case I asked the boys about this picture. Zack (who is in the photo) didn’t remember the story, but he did say it’s an awesome picture! Nate also couldn’t remember, but said he was pretty sure he helped. Evan also wasn’t sure what the story was. Fortunately Aaron, who was older,and who had actually seen Star Wars, was able to give me a lot more information about what led up to the picture and explain what was going on, and thus I was able to document the story.

My parents have a ton of pictures, and they know who is in most of them and what is happening. But virtually none of these stories are written down, and unless the stories are passed on they will eventually be lost.

So, it’s not just about nice paper and fun embellishments.
It’s not even just about putting pictures in a book.
It’s about preserving stories and memories that might otherwise be lost.

Ok, I know I've piqued your interest so here's the layout I did telling the story behind the photo:

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