Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Grass Is Always Greener...

This layout popped into my mind one morning as I was getting ready for the day. It's very representative of where I'm at in my life right now.

The journaling reads:
When the boys were little I craved privacy and solitude because I had so little of it. Now that they're grown I have an abundance of alone time, and sometimes I'd like to go back to those crazier times. Just sometimes...

Side note: Usually I have a photo and then the layout idea grows from there, but this time I had to create the photo (although I did have a particular picture in my head of how it should look). I went for a hike in the Bedford Metropark and followed a trail that led down to Tinker's Creek.
My first series of photos (not used here) were taken at a large tree that had fallen and semi-blocked the path. I placed my camera at the root end of the trunk, set the timer, and then sat down farther down the tree and facing out over the gorge. I did like how some of them turned out, but wanted to try some other scenes, too. I kept walking till I got down by the river.
Next I tried to set up a shot where I was sitting on a rock looking out over the river. I had my tripod, and set it and my camera up behind me. But because of trees and bushes and a tiny inlet behind the rock, I couldn't get to the rock and sit down in the 10 second time limit, so I had to scrap that one.
I finally settled on just sitting on the ground, gazing out over the river. I like how this one turned out - it captured the message I was trying to convey. A little tweeking in Lightroom (adjusting lights and darks and a little desaturation), and I was set.

I did the layout for a Guided Design class at Get It Scrapped, and I must say I agonized over the placement of the design, but I'm thrilled with the final outcome :D

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