Friday, January 25, 2013

LOAD213 Blog Hop

     Welcome to the Layout-a-Day blog hop! If you hopped over from Betsye Erazo's blog, thank you for coming. This is my very first blog hop as a participant, and I'm so excited. It's even better that its purpose is to promote LOAD213, because I love LOAD!
     My first LOAD was February of last year, and it transformed my scrapbooking! I got so much done during that month, and the daily prompts brought out stories that I probably never would have thought to tell otherwise. Taking the time to stop and ponder the prompts brought back some memories that I hadn't thought of in years. LOAD212 got me thinking about those things, and I scrapbooked many of them that month.
     It was such a great experience that I also participated in LOAD512 and LOAD1012, despite the fact that I was away from home for half of each of those months. In October my second oldest son got married in Idaho, and then my husband and I vacationed for another week. Despite the fact that I was traveling for those two weeks, I managed to keep up, and I finished a layout each day---my first time to complete a LOAD! I'd made up a mini kit  and book that I could take with me on the plane, and I was able to complete quick, simple layouts of the events as they happened each day. Thanks to LOAD1012, at the end of the trip I had already documented the excitement!
     The whole focus of my scrapbooking was transformed last year. It was prompted by a combination of participating in the February, May, and October LOADs; going through old photos with my parents; and my youngest son's graduation from high school, leaving me facing an "empty nest." Although I've never really worried about "keeping up," I did scrap more or less chronologically. Now, however, I have discovered the freedom of scrapping whatever event and whatever time period inspires me---it might be something that happened yesterday, or something that happened when my kids were little, or even something that happened when I was little. Or maybe it's just something about someone, or perhaps even (gasp!) about ME! Yes, I even occasionally include a picture of myself on a page here and there!
     Now I'm looking forward to LOAD213. I'm excited to see what new prompts and challenges Lain has come up with this time around. I love a good challenge and have found that they inspire new ideas for layouts. I can't wait to get started!

     As of this writing there are still a few spots left, so we'd love to have you join us! Click here to sign up for LOAD213. Your next blog hop stop is Regina Huminski's blog. Or if you're just getting started, click on any of the sites listed below. Have a great day, and I hope to see you at LOAD213!

==== My stash of layouts from LOAD212  =========>

Heather Dubarry:
Alison Day:
Danielle Taylor:
Alison Charlton:
Christy Strickler:
Lynnette Nagle:
Julie Shepler:
Joy McHargue:
Kelli Panique:
Cathy Holiday:
Leslie Smith:
Lori Martin:
Connie Hanks:
Betsye Erazo:
Marcia Fortunato:                <=======You are here
Regina Huminski:
Beth Soler:
Kristie Sloan:
Katrina Forman:
Danielle Hunter:
Jessica Baldwin:
Cheryl McCain:
Briel Schmitz:
Marygail Mello:


  1. So glad you're now including stories about yourself. Those are the most important ones!

  2. Inspiring that you completed LOAD on the trip- too cool it was the wedding time also. Priceless.

  3. I love your stack of layouts! What a beautiful sight to behold! I think that giving ourselves to do layouts out of chronological order can be very freeing! It was so fun to see so many scrapping stories about themselves -- a new trend! Yahoo!

  4. ADORE the 212 pile of scrappy goodness! Can't wait :~)

  5. Love your enthusiasm, Marcia! It's totally contagious :) And I'm still uber impressed you finished a LOAD while traveling! MAJOR kudos to you :) Can't wait to see your pages next month, eek - next week!

  6. Loved the idea about traveling and scrapping. I will be on vacation for one week in February, so you've got me thinking...

  7. I still love seeing everyone's piles/stacks/collages of finished layouts! Can't wait to see more at the end of February!

  8. Love the stack of LO's - you did soooooo good - looking forward to seeing what you do this time!!!

  9. Love your stack of LO's. I bet you will have another stack shortly. ;)

  10. It is so so so exciting to see what Prompts Lain has for us!!

  11. I want to be like you when I grow up! Finishing layouts WHILE you travel!lol I like it. That way I'm remembering a whole lot more details. That is definitely a must do. Thanks for the inspiration! See you soon!

    1. :D I think the key was to keep my supplies limited - fewer decisions to make - and to keep the pages simple. Sometimes my photos were just b&w printouts from the hotel printer or as a last resort just a piece of blank paper as a space holder (which I replaced later when I could get the photos printed). It was great to have LOAD as an incentive to keep me going each day!

  12. I've done the same three LOADs as you, and this will be my fourth. I honestly don't ever see myself MISSING another LOAD!! :0)

    Heather (aka KnowJoy)

  13. I started with LOAD212 also! And I traveled during LOAD512 but kept up until the day we flew out. I slacked and did not do LOAD1012 though. Looking forward to LOAD213 and seeing everyones layouts!