Friday, July 12, 2013

Inspired by Art Deco - my first layout for Get It Scrapped!

I'm so excited to be able to share my first Creative Team assignment published at Get It Scrapped! The assignment was to create a layout inspired by some aspect of art deco design. I love the art deco style, especially the architecture, so I knew that it would be easy to find inspiration there. I immediately knew that I wanted to do a layout about Cleveland's West Side Market. My son Aaron and I had recently visited there when he was home for a couple of weeks, and I had some really great pictures that I wanted to showcase.

Pinterest was a great source for art deco images, and as I browsed the images several trends became apparent: a lot of metals mixed with black and/or bright colors; symmetrical designs with clean, geometric lines; unique typefaces. I wanted to include a lot of small photos, but also needed to keep it very clean and streamlined to reflect the art deco style.

I chose to use this piece as my primary source of inspiration: http://how-do-it.inf...o_texture_idea/. By using a design such as this, keeping the layout symmetrical and the elements in strict vertical lines, I knew I could use many photos without it looking chaotic. I used solid cardstock in colors that kept popping up in the Pinterest galleries - blue, accents of red, and silver outlined in black - to keep the focus on the photos and the story I wanted to tell. Here is what I came up with:

For more information about my layout and art deco design and to see how other designers used their art deco inspiration, check out the article, Scrapbook Page Design Inspired by the Art Deco Style at Get It Scrapped.


  1. This is such a great page!! I had a wedding cake pin with that triangle motif just in case I was assigned this topic but I was scared- you translated the challenge perfectly!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I must admit it took me a bit to get started, but then I got on a roll and love the results.

  2. I really like your layout. It really does give the feeling of looking through a window. And the Art Deco top is just perfect. Thanks for visiting. I finally got to post my first team layout.

  3. It's a stunning page, to be sure. I especially like how perfectly the title fits across it - that kind of detail is very deco, in my opinion.